Board of Governors


1 January 2014 to 31 December 2017

a) Nominated by the church bodies in Holywood which were the original trustees of the school:
  Church of Ireland, Parish of Holywood Church of St Philip and St James Mr Brian Burke
Mrs Catherine O’Neill 
Mrs Roberta Price
  First Holywood Presbyterian Church, Bangor Road, Holywood Mr Peter Moran
Mr Chris Warnock
  High Street Presbyterian Church, Holywood Mr Brian Cave (Chairperson)
Mrs Audrey Gordon
  First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, Holywood Rev C Campbell
  The Methodist Church, Holywood Mr Colin Burnside
Mrs Zara McCone

b) Nominated by the Department of Education Mr Peter Greene
Mr Stuart Hamilton
Mrs Jacqueline McIlroy
Mrs Jacqueline Simpson
c) Elected by parents of pupils attending the school    Mr Mike McNeill
Dr Joanna Turner
d) Elected by the teaching staff of the school

Mr Martin Thom

e) Co-opted by the Board of Governors Mrs Doreen Mathison
Mr Lindsay Todd
f) Member ex-officio as Principal of the school Mr Chris Peel
g) Secretary to the Board of Governors Dr Christina Byrnes (Bursar)

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