Staff Structure List


There are 47 full-time teachers in the secondary department, 6 job share teachers and a further 21 part-time teachers, 8 full-time and 4 part-time teachers in the preparatory department plus 65 non-teaching staff at the school.  As well as this 23 music tutors visit the school on a weekly basis and we have the services of 3 modern language assistants.  The staff structure and special responsibilities are shown below: 

Headmaster Vice-Principals Senior Managers
Mr C Peel Mrs C Moore (Pastoral) Mr D Armstrong
Mr S Thompson (Teaching & Learning) Mrs K Millar
Mrs L Montgomery
Mr D Stinson
Mrs S Whelan

Heads of Department
Art, Design & Moving Image Mrs L Davidson Modern Languages (French) (Acting) Miss V McCaughey
Biology Mr S Drennan  Modern Languages (Spanish/German) Acting) Mrs J Girvin
Careers and Guidance Mr D Matthews Music Mrs L Montgomery
Chemistry Mrs S McKeown PE & Games (Boys) (Acting) Mr J Quigley
English & Drama
Mrs K Millar 
PE & Games (Girls) Mrs S Hutchinson
Geography Mrs C Johnston  Physics                         Dr K Quinn
History, Economics & Politics Mr D Armstrong Preparatory Department Mrs E Smith
Home Economics Mrs S Whelan Religious Studies Mrs P McMaster
Learning for Life and Work Dr J Fox-Roberts Technology & Design Mr D Stinson  
Mathematics Mrs C Anderson
Business Studies Mrs K Jordan    
Computing/ICT Miss S Martin    

Heads of Year

Year 8 Mrs C Dorman
Year 9 Mr M Beggs 
Year 10 Mr C Henderson
Year 11 Mr A Craig
Year 12          Mrs R Trainor
Year 13 Dr L Moore
Year 14 Mrs S Torrens

Heads of House

Praeger Mrs C Swift
McAlester Mrs N Mitchell
Speers Miss A Morgan
Grant Mrs L Graham

Mrs J Kelly
Assistant SENCO
Miss W Gilfillan


Teaching Staff List



Mrs C Moore BEd PQH(NI) 
Mr S Thompson BSc MSc MBA PGCE PQH(NI)

Senior Managers:
Mr D Armstrong BSc BA PGCE PQH(NI)
Mrs K V Millar BA PGCE
Mrs L R Montgomery BMus MEd LTCL MTD PQH(NI)
Mr D W R Stinson BEd PQH(NI)  
Mrs S M Whelan BEd PQH(NI)

Mrs L Davidson BDes PGCE
Mr R B McKillen BA PGDip PGCE MA
Mrs J Simon BA PGCE (Part-Time) (Temporary)
Ms S A Wallace BA PGCE MSc (Part-Time)

Mr S Drennan BSc PGCE
Mis L Aranha BSc PGCE
Dr J J K Fox-Roberts BSc PGCE
Mrs L Johnston BSc PGCE (Part-Time)

Business Studies
Mrs K Jordan BEd (Part-Time)
Mrs J Annett BSc PGCE
Mr S Thompson BSc MSc MBA PGCE PQH(NI)

Mr D T Matthews BA PGCE CPD (Careers) MEd PQH(NI)
Mrs S M Dalzell BSc DipInd PGCE (Part-Time)
Mrs P Milligan BSc (Open) HP (Cert) (T)
Miss A C Morgan BA MA PGCE (Part-Time)
Mrs S J Torrens BSc PGCE

Mrs S P McKeown MEng PGCE
Mr M E Beggs MSc PGCE
Miss J A Chambers BSc PGCE
Mrs D E Maynes BSc PGCE

Miss A M E Martin BSc PGCE
Mrs J Annett BSc PGCE
Mr S G Cooper BSc PGCE
Mr R Eves MEng PGCE
Mrs K Jordan BEd (Part-Time)
Mr D W R Stinson BEd PQH(NI)

Mrs K V Millar BA PGCE
Ms C Bowman-Kinnear BA MA PGCE
Mrs L R Graham BA PGCE (Part-Time)
Miss E Jenkinson BA PGCE (Part-Time) (Temporary)
Ms C Patterson BA PGCE
Mrs R J Trainor BA PGCE 

Mrs C Johnston BSc Dip Voc PGCE
Miss P Brown BSc PGCE 
Mrs R E Gilbert BSc PGCE (Part-Time)
Mrs S L Karayiannis BSc PGCE (Part-Time) (Maternity)
Mr J McConnell BSC PGCE (Part-Time) (Temporary)

History, Political Studies and Economics:
Mr D Armstrong BSc BA PGCE PQH(NI)
Mrs C A Henry BA PGCE (Part-Time)
Mr D T Matthews BA PGCE CPD (Careers) MEd PQH(NI) 
Miss A C Morgan BA MA PGCE (Part-Time) 
Miss J Playfair BA PGCE

Home Economics:
Mrs S M Whelan BEd PQH(NI)
Mrs R V Campbell BA DipInd PGCE (Part-Time) (Temporary)
Mrs S M Dalzell BSc DipInd PGCE (Part-Time)
Miss C Thomson BA DipInd PGCE

Dr J J K Fox-Roberts BSc PGCE


Mrs C Anderson BSc PGCE 
Mr A Anderson BSc PGCE (Temporary)
Mr G I Boreland MSc MA PGCE MEd (Career Break)
Mrs J Kelly BSc PGCE
Mrs W L McCullough BSc PGCE (Job Share)
Mrs P D McDowell BSc PGCE (Job Share)
Mrs K V Merriman BSc PGCE (Part-Time) 
Mr M Monteith MSc PGCE (Temporary)
Dr L Moore MSc PGCE
Mrs C J Swift BSc PGCE (Part-Time)

Modern Languages:
Spanish/German - Mrs J A Girvin BA PGCE  (Acting)
French - Miss C V McCaughey BA PGCE Dip Span (Open) (Acting)
Mrs A Cinnamond BA PGCE (Part-Time) (Temporary)
Miss J Connolly MA PGCE
Miss J L Orr BA PGCE (Part-Time)
Modern Language Assistants:
Miss A Poumaroux [French]
Miss N López [Spanish]

Mrs L R Montgomery BMus MEd LTCL MTD PQH(NI)
Mrs J A Harper BMus PGCE (Part-Time) 
Mrs G E Hartin BMus PGCE (Job Share)
Mrs G Pitt BMus MTD LTCL ALCM (Job Share)

Physical Education:
Mrs S M Hutchinson BA PGCE (Part-Time)
Mr J Quigley BSc PGCE (Acting)
Mr A Craig BSc PGCE (Part-Time)
Miss W M Gilfillan BA Cert REd 
Mr C Henderson MSc BSc PGCE (Part-Time)
Miss S Wilson BSc PGCE (Part-Time)

Dr K Quinn BSc PGCE
Mr S G Cooper BSc PGCE
Mrs C A McCarey BEng PGCE (Job Share)
Mrs C V Soper BSc MSc PGCE (Job Share)
Mrs S J Torrens BSc PGCE

Religious Studies:
Mrs P D McMaster BEd
Mr A Craig BSc PGCE (Part-Time)
Mrs R V Campbell BA PGCE (Part-Time) (Temporary)
Miss W M Gilfillan BA Cert REd
Mrs J A Harper BMus PGCE (Part-Time)
Mrs C Moore BEd PQH(NI)

Special Education Needs:
Mrs J Kelly BSc PGCE (SENCO)
Miss W M Gilfillan BA Cert REd (Assistant SENCO)

Technology and Design:
Mr D W R Stinson BEd PQH(NI)   
Mr R Eves MEng PGCE
Mrs N E Mitchell BEd MSc

Mrs E Smith BEd MSc Ed PQH(NI)
Mrs K Callen BA 
Mrs L Feldman BEd (Part-Time)
Mrs M Galway BEd PQH(NI)
Miss C Hall BA PGCE
Mrs J Lockhart BEd MEd 
Mrs J Matthews BA MSc PGCE 
Mrs A Patterson BEd DASE
Mrs G Pitt BMus MTD LTCL ALCM (Part-Time) 
Mrs J Thompson BA BEd (Part-Time)
Ms E Wilkinson BSc PGCE (Part-Time)
Mrs K Wilson BA QTS 

Names in bold denotes Head of Department

Non-teaching Staff List


Dr C M Byrnes BSc FCA

Assistant Bursar:
Mrs M L Hanna MIATI

Headmaster's PA:
Mrs A J Graham 

Office Manager and MIS Coordinator: 
Mrs A D Middleton BSc

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant:
Miss C Smyth

Accounts Assistant:
Mrs E T Brady BA

School Nurse:
Mrs M McAvoy RGN

Miss R E Hopkins BA PGCE MEd MSc

C2K Administrator and 
Systems Support Officer:
Miss Z A Robinson A+ Network + CCNA

Examinations Officer:
Mrs P A Milligan BSc (Open) HP (Cert)

Mrs A S Brown [Biology] 
Mr J N Collins BSc BTh PGCE [Chemistry]
Mr C Edgar BA [Music Technology]
Mr C Edgar BA [Moving Image]
Mr P Leckey [Technology]
Mrs R Patterson BA [Art]
Mrs J S Stewart [Home Economics]

Classroom Assistants:
Mrs C Brown
Mrs D J Burnside NVQIII 
Mr R Christie (Temporary)
Mrs R Davidson BA  (Career Break)
Mrs P Dempster
Miss A Gale (Temporary)
Mr J Griffin
Mrs M Hood
Mrs G Kelso BEd DASE
Mrs G McGee BA MSSc PGCPSE (Open)
Mr G Mills CQSW (Career Break)
Mrs K Murray (Temporary)
Mrs D Ritchie NVQIII

Study Supervisors:
Mr M Moorehead
Mrs E Smyth BEd DASE MEd

School Crossing Patrolperson:
Mr H Newman

  Facilities Manager:

Maintenance Staff:
Mr J A Boyd 
Mr J R H Crossan

Catering Manager:
Mrs C M Steenson BTecDip

Silver Robin Supervisor:
Mrs A Hanratty NVQIII

Mrs L Patterson

Catering Assistants:
Miss J Bell
Miss M Campbell
Miss S E Clarke
Mrs G F McGee
Miss R Rea
Mrs C M Seawright
Miss M Shepherd
Mr S Skimin
Mrs S Stafford

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor:
Mrs L McConnell

Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs M S Austin


Prep Secretary:
Mrs G Dempster

Classroom Assistants:
Ms J Connolly 
Mrs C L Cronin BSc
Miss E Dennison
Mrs B Gilmore
Mrs R J Johnston NVQIII
Mrs H Malseed BSc
Mrs D Moody (General Assistant)
Mrs R M A Moroney NVQIII
Ms L V O'Connor


Mr R Campbell

Catering Assistant Supervisor (Dromkeen):
Mrs D M Berry

After School Club Supervisor:
Mrs R M A Moroney NVQIII

After School Club Deputy Supervisor:
Mrs D-M Berry

After School Club Coordinator for Additional Needs
Miss E Dennison

After School Club Assistant:
Ms L V O'Connor

School Crossing Patrolperson

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