Mrs S M Hutchinson (Head of Department) (Part-Time)
Mr J Quigley (Head of Department) 
Mr A M Craig (Part-Time)
Mr C M Henderson (Part-Time)
Miss C Mitchell
Miss S Wilson


  1. To deliver the Northern Ireland Physical Education Curriculum.
  2. To make Physical Education an enjoyable experience for pupils.
  3. To acquire knowledge and participate in a wide range of activities.
  4. To acquire and develop techniques in a variety of physical activities.
  5. To make pupils aware of how they can develop a programme to improve their personal fitness.
  6. To acquire knowledge and understanding of safety factors in Physical Education, and also the rules in a particular activity and the need for them.
  7. To experience the full range of the Physical Education Curriculum as part of a progressive and developmental programme.
  8. To develop social and personal qualities of:
    1. co-operation in team group or partner work;
    2. a sensitivity to other pupils ideas;
    3. self-confidence;
    4. a sensitivity to capable pupils;
    5. self-discipline;
    6. reliability; 
    7. perseverance;
    8. sportsmanship.
  9. To develop an increasing awareness of the understanding of their bodies and the ways in which they may keep healthy, supple and gain in strength.
  10. To help them become aware of the abuses to their minds and bodies and to identify ways in which they can be prevented or eradicated.
  11. To gain an aesthetic appreciation of movement.
  12. To promote in a pupil a love of, interest in and knowledge of Physical Education and its contribution to the maintenance of life-long personal health and fitness.


Physical Education must reflect the aims of the whole school – learning through Physical Education rather than learning of Physical Education. It must develop a caring spirit within the department which will nurture sound moral and environmental values within the pupils.

Mission Statement

  1. To lay the foundations of personal growth in skills of social interaction and for the development of positive self-concept.
  2. To promote a sense of security and a sense of belonging
  3. To establish a caring community wherein the members display trust, concern and support for one another.
  4. To stretch a pupil to his/her own academic capability and physical ability according to maturity, ability and aptitude.
  5. To lay the foundations for study skills and academic work through GCSE and A level PE.
  6. To encourage further pursuit of physical activity outside school.


  • Sullivan Upper is committed to contributing to its students’ aesthetic, physical, intellectual, social and moral development and promotion of a healthy lifestyle in a caring environment.
  • Sullivan Upper students are encouraged to value and respect each other’s’ ability, self-confidence and self-esteem, and promote the School in the community through sport.
  • Sullivan Upper students and teachers work together to develop their skill, ability, self-confidence and self-esteem, and promote the School in the community through sport.
  • Sullivan Upper is committed to providing each of its’ students of all abilities and levels of skill, with a comprehensive range of sporting activities and events within curricular and extra-curricular time both intra-school and inter-school.
  • Sullivan Upper is dedicated to providing opportunities for individual success while promoting excellence in education and participation for all.

“We aim to provide a broad and balanced programme which gives every pupil within our school community the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, socially, and morally".


Year 8

Boys Girls
1 Rugby Netball
2 Hockey Hockey
3 Swimming Swimming
4 Gymnastics Gymnastics
5 Indoor Athletics   Indoor Athletics  
6 Athletics Athletics
7 Cricket Cricket
8 Tennis Tennis

Year 9

Boys Girls
1 Basketball Gymnastics
2 Badminton Personal Survival
3 Football Netball
4 Gymnastics Racquets
5 Swimming Indoor Athletics  
6 Indoor Athletics Athletics
7 Cricket Cricket
8 Tennis Tennis

Year 10

Boys Girls
1 Basketball Gymnastics
2 Volleyball           Volleyball
3 Gymnastics Netball/Basketball
4 Football Racquets
5 Athletics Indoor   Athletics
6 Tennis   Athletics
7 Cricket Cricket
8 Tennis


Year 11

  Boys Girls
1 Handball Handball
3 Basketball Basketball
4 Volleyball Volleyball
5 Athletics Athletics
6 Tennis Tennis
7 Cricket Cricket

Year 12

  Boys Girls
1 Tag Rugby Tag Rugby
3 Basketball Basketball
4 Badminton Badminton
5 Cricket Cricket
6 Tennis Tennis

GCSE Physical Education

In Years 11 and 12 pupils may choose to follow a course in GCSE PE. They must have had a good participation record, and interest in PE and have represented the school at one activity or be playing at a high level in a sport which the school does not offer. They also need to be free from illness or injury which is likely to curtail their practical part of the course.

GCSE Physical Education

Subject: Physical Education

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content:  

This course is for pupils who show a keen interest in PE and Sport and have shown a genuine commitment and high participation level throughout KS3. Pupils must be involved at a club level in school in at least one sport or at a similar high level in an external sport.

The course consists of the following:

1.      One Written Paper               60%

2.      Practical Performance           40%

The Written Papers will cover the following topics:

  • Health training and exercise
  • Exercise physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Psychology of sport and physical activity
  • Socio-cultural issues in sport and physical activity

Controlled Assessment:

Practical work must be carried out in three different activities in the role of performer. At least one individual sport, one team sport and one other from the approved list of activities. A personal fitness programme will be linked to the chosen major activity. Students are assessed in their skills and techniques, decision making, problem solving and appropriate physical characteristics appropriate to the chosen activity. Pupils must have at least one main sport that they are participating in to a high level, this can either be a team sport or individual sport. If pupils need additional sports, there will be the opportunity to cover these in class time. 

Additional Information:

Pupils wishing to do this course should either currently represent the school in a particular sport, or participate at a high level in a sport not offered at Sullivan. They should also be at a reasonably good level of physical fitness i.e. not suffering an illness or injury likely to cause long-term non-participation.

This subject is very valuable to anyone hoping to pursue a career in one of the many associated work fields and is offered at AS and A Level. Before making a final decision pupils should consult the approved list of physical activities on the WJEC website.



GCE Physical Education

In Years 13 and 14 pupils may choose to follow a course in AS/A2 PE.


AS/A2 Physical Education


Subject:   Physical Education AS/A2 (WJEC)

Course Content:         


This specification is divided into a total of 4 units, 2 AS units and 2 A2 units.

AS (2 Units)

AS Unit 1: Exploring physical education

Written examination: 1¾ hours

24% of qualification 72 marks

Question types

Contextualised questions to include multiple choice, data response, short and extended answers

AS Unit 2: Improving personal performance in physical education

Non-exam assessment

16% of qualification 48 marks

To assess

  1. practical performance in one activity as a player/performer
  2. practical performance as a coach or official
  3. Personal Performance Profile

A Level Units (AS units plus a further 2 units)

A2 Unit 3: Evaluating physical education

Written examination: 2 hours

36% of qualification 90 marks

Question types

A range of questions to include data response, short and extended answers

A2 Unit 4: Refining personal performance in physical education

Non-exam assessment

24% of qualification 60 marks

To assess

  1. practical performance in one activity as a player/performer, coach or official
  2. Investigative Research



As outlined above in Unit 2: Improving personal performance in physical education

As outlined in Unit 4: Refining personal performance in physical education


Additional Information:

Realistically only students who have successfully completed GCSE PE at grade B or better should consider this AS Level.

Students will be expected to keep individual evidence of their performance in each role

Practical assessment will be in one activity as a player/performer. Practical Moderation will take place with an external Moderator – March / April of the final year.



Years 11-12

GCSE Pupils will be given one or two homework’s each week, this can either be reading information, researching information or completing a written homework.

Years 13-14

GCE Pupils will be given a homework in unit 1 or 3 each week, consisting of reading, researching or finishing notes. Only one formal homework will be given each week in each unit, so teachers will liaise, to ensure that this is the case.

In order to encourage Independent Learning, pupils will be given opportunities to work in groups and prepare a presentation and will present this to the rest of their class. This can include hand-outs, power point presentations, or pod-casts.

As units 2 and 4 are examined through coursework, pupils are required to keep all information researched on a memory stick as they go through the year, this will then be collated and presented for moderation in DVD or written form.

Pupils will be expected to hand homework’s and coursework in on time, except in the case of absence, illness or another exceptional circumstance. Staff may refuse to mark work which is handed in late and will record its lateness. Staff will liaise with home as is outlined with all AS and A level pupils at the beginning of their course. In the case of persistent lateness, the Head of Year will be informed and they will then also make contact with a parent/guardian.

Pupils and parents will be made aware of coursework deadline dates in September, and will be expected to adhere to them, except in such circumstances as outlined above.

Pupils will be given regular end of topic tests, in order for the teacher to monitor progress.

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