Mrs P D McMaster (Head of Department)
Mrs R Campbell (Part-Time)
Mr A Craig
Mrs J Harper
Miss C Mitchell
Mrs C Moore


Religious Studies plays a significant role in the curriculum and in the development of the individual pupil. It provides pupils with the opportunities to develop their personal understanding, moral character and enhance their spiritual and ethical awareness. This is done by enabling them to learn about, discuss, evaluate and learn from religious beliefs, practices and values by supplying opportunities to engage with challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life and their place in society and the world around them.

Religious Studies is taught at all levels in the school. It is a compulsory subject up to end of Key Stage 4. Thereafter, pupils may choose to continue to AS or A2 level.


The Department of Religious Studies is housed in the Grant Wing of the school. The department is well resourced with books and AV equipment.


All pupils take Religious Studies in Years 8-12 and follow the Revised Curriculum.

In Years 8-10, pupils have 2 periods of Religious Studies each week. Topics studied are:

Year 8

God and the Bible
William Tyndale
Saint Patrick
World Religions (Hinduism)

Year 9

The Life and Ministry of Jesus
The world of Jesus
Jesus and His relationship with other people
World Religions (Judaism)

Year 10

The Miracles of Jesus
Jesus’ Teachings
The Story of Ruth
The Ministry of Jesus
The Christian Church
Christian Morality
Islam (World Religions)
The Holocaust


In Years 11-12, everyone does GCSE Religious Studies and pupils select whether to take Full Course or Short Course.

Please refer to the Subject Choice for GCSE Booklet for further information on full course details and criteria for entry.


There is a strong emphasis on A Level in the department and Religious Studies is a popular choice with Sixth Form students.

Around 40 students are presently preparing to sit the AS and A2 examination in Religious Studies. The modules are The Acts of the Apostles Unit 2 and Islam Unit 6. We deliver the GCSE, AS and A2 courses specified by CCEA.

Outside the classroom pupils have enjoyed taking part in school trips. Year 14 students attended seminars in the Belfast Bible College, while Year 13 have visited the Dublin Mosque. Year 12 students attended a conference at QUB with Life NI.

The staff try to ensure that this is a friendly department. One of our main concerns is that every pupil, regardless of religious persuasion (or lack of it!) should feel comfortable and valued in the Religious Studies department. We aim for good grades – and our students usually achieve them, but we are not solely interested in academic progress. We are interested in the whole person, but in the academic, personal and spiritual development of the individual. To this end, the RS staff are also involved in extra-curricular activities and often play a part in ‘fun’ activities in school.

Please refer to the Subject Choice for AS/A Level Information Booklet for further information on full course details and criteria for entry.


Years 8-10

One written homework or one reading homework.

Years 11-12

Short Course One reading and one written homework.

Full Course One reading and one written homework for each module studied.

Years 13-14

One reading and one written homework for each module.

Also one essay at the end of each topic in both modules.

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