The school dining hall is known as the Silver Robin restaurant. Its lower floor provides a cafeteria-style lunch which offers those who choose to have school lunches a choice of main courses, sandwiches, fruit, sweets and soft drinks.

The upper floor is available for those who bring a packed lunch to school and also offers a range of snacks and bottled drinks for sale. The range and quality of food available have made the Silver Robin very popular with staff and pupils. The Silver Robin follows the Nutritional Standards to ensure healthy menus are provided.

The school upgraded its cashless system in September 2014 to a biometric system which means that pupils no longer need to carry a card to top up their balance or pay for school meals. Instead a scan of their finger is taken and this is used instead of a card.

Parents can send cheques into the accounts office to be allocated to their son’s/daughter’s school meals account. The school is also developing the system whereby parents may also remotely top up their child’s school meals account by credit or debit card through their Parentmail2 account and receive reminders to top up when the balance is low. Pupils may also add cash to this account through two revaluator machines located within the school. The Silver Robin operates on a cash free basis but users must be sure to have sufficient credit on their accounts before purchasing.

All pupils eat their lunch in the Silver Robin, except for Year 14 who can make use of the Common Room which has its own separate dining facilities. Both floors of the Silver Robin are supervised throughout lunch-time.

Parents who wish their son or daughter to go home at lunch-time should request the school’s formal permission to do so by letter to Miss Dines, our pastoral Vice-Principal, via the Form Teacher.

The Silver Robin currently operates a tuck shop at break-time on the ground floor.

The upper floor is out of bounds at break-time. Details of the day to day operation of the Silver Robin will be supplied to your child.


Silver Robin Silver Robin2



Prices are under review and may change - as of September 2019


Hot Food   Cold Food   Snacks   Desserts  
Meal of the Day £2.90 Salads £2.50 Sausage [1] £0.75 Dessert £0.75
Daily Special £2.60 Tub of Salad £0.85 Soup £0.85 Blueberry Muffin £0.70
5Steak Burger and Bap £1.35 Deep Fill Sandwiches £2.10 Hot Dog £1.15 Traybake £0.65
Panini Side Salad £2.60 Slim Sandwich £1.95 Chips £1.65 Carrot Cake £0.75
Homemade Quiche £1.30 Filled Baguette £2.15 Cream Crackers £0.40
Homemade Pie/ Roast Meat £1.40 Tortilla Wrap £2.15 Scone £0.60 Extras  
Chicken Goujons [mini fillets] £1.35 Fresh Fruit £0.50 Speciality Scone £0.80  
Breaded Plaice/Salmon £1.35     Yoghurt £0.45 Cheese Portion £0.50
5Homemade Pizza £1.30 Drinks   Freshly Baked Roll £0.45 Jam Portion £0.12
Vegetable Stirfry £1.30   Sauce Portion £0.12
Chicken Fajita £1.40 Bottled Water £0.90     Butter £0.10
Fish Fingers [3] £1.35 Small Water £0.65        
Oven Roast Potatoes £0.75 Fruice £0.70        
Creamed Potato £0.75 Milk £0.65        
Baked Potatoes £0.90 Small Drinks £0.65        
Vegetable Portion £0.45          


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