The school has four Houses - Grant, McAlester, Praeger and Speers. All pupils are assigned to a House on entry to the school. Family connections are honoured, where possible.

Grant and Speers are named after former headmasters of the school, McAlester is named after Rev Charles McAlester, who was the first [and founding] chairman of the Board of Governors, and Praeger commemorates and celebrates the remarkable brother and sister, Lloyd and Rosamund, who were pupils at the school before going on to become famous in their fields of Natural Science and Sculpture.

Each House has an experienced member of staff leading it. The House system promotes activities and competitions within the school.

The following teachers are Head of House:

Praeger Mrs C Swift
McAlester Mrs N Mitchell
Speers Miss A Morgan
Grant Mrs L Graham


There is a special House assembly held once a week instead of normal assembly.

Inter-House Competition run from Easter to Easter.  



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